Thursday, 9 May 2013


White shirts and raffia's are def summer must haves along side with a pair of silly distressed jeans, must say i love.... raffia, one thing i have noticed is raffia's works best with whites they make you look radiant in summer, people will def stare trust me, last weekend i went on shopping wearing my tweed brown shorts a knee high gladiator sandals and a lovely oversize white cotton shirt, i worked it with a raffia kin of cow boy hat and raffia oversize bag, oh my goodness every one starred lol i was feeling so cool silly me! this is why i love to keep anything raffia because i know sure they gonna keep coming back, there are no special trends for raffia or white shirts so you can still rock your wardrobe if you got one in there, am so sorry i don't have my pictures here but am sure you can catch the glimpse from my post and pictures and rock your own raffia's and white shirts the way you feel. Remember you need a pair of silly hot sunglasses. Kisses...



Have fun babes!!!