Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hey sweet pumpkins, Haha am back, missed you guys like sugar! So sorry i was unable to visit your blogs, Omg!!! i saw your beautiful messages in my inbox and i was so thrilled... that was so sweet of you guys. Love you all to bits... Actually, i was involved with loads of stuffs and i felt i just couldn't manage my blog with what i was involved with, so i had to take a break from this silly blog lol. Today's weather is so fine and i am rocking my crazy old skirt from ''try me firenze'' had this skirt for over three years now and it's still rocking! love it because of the cut at the back, it looks kind of a fish tail, i purchased it years back from a closing down store selling loads of  different designer brands , lucky me. My oversize shirt is very old from next and shoes are oasis (old). Yeah, let me tell you about my strange bag lol, i picked it up from a random store and got to know they had a fan page on Facebook. The name of the bag is Loluna must say! it's a every interesting bag, i love the graphic design on the bag, that actually caught my eyes and am holding it tight,bet  no one is stealing it from me. Haha..... Stay blessed!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Just for a while

Hey! cool cats see you all on thursday hummm... or maybe friday. Just wanna let you know am going to be very busy with stuffs, would let you know later *wink* never mind i will be visiting you all on your blogs as soon as i am done. Hope you bear with me, love you all. Kisses....

Hugs +Kisses.

Friday, 21 June 2013


Hey sweeties, happy Friday! Am sure you all are getting ready to rock n rumble.Lately, i have been thinking of a beautiful post so i decided to do this for all lovers of the weekend, remember in my last post i discussed about back packs,so i will be sharing with you some fabulous pictures of  great and fashionable backpack you can rock at all season. Let me know your thoughts below.
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River Island
American Apparel
New Look

Wednesday, 19 June 2013



Plimsolls are definitely my favorite this summer period, it's comfy and ready to rock n roll. Plimsolls are shoes without limit, they are so cool, chic and sporty.I believe a fashion lover must have at least a pair of  a hot plimsoll. Gone are those days you see ladies rocking their plimsolls with joggling pants looking way too casual, i tell you these days plimsolls are so over the top, it's taken over all outfits and i see it rocking for a long period of time. The most amazing trend i have tried is rocking plimsolls on a boyfriend blazer suit and midi dresses, i tell you these trend are so cool. Did i tell you back packs are so chic on midi dresses? i paired it up with my lovely converse and it looked so amazing. Guess what? you are going for a party, you need to catch the tube and you want to rock your 6-7 inches heels ''eyes popping'' haha best way to do it is  by rocking those plimsolls on that ''huggy'' midi dress and hiding those 6 inches heels in your cute back pack :) 20 seconds to the venue of the party haha :) your 6 inches are out, that's what i call magic!


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