Sunday, 2 February 2014

Striped Skirt.

                                                                           Maybe Strippy             

Ok babes, Lets do some bargain hunting, It's time for some serious rocking4less. Guess what? That stripe is on sales. A week ago i hit the add button and got this lovely skirt from zara, have been watching it a long time lol,wanted it so bad.... Haha.. Now got it!! Love it! Wanna rock it? See Here. Take it, that skirt is well-formed. I rocked it with my oversized denim shirt from Cos, mind you that  denim top is way too big, but i love it. It's one of my favorite item, I feel very free and relaxed in it. Wishing you all a very lovely week don't forget to wear that smile on your way out on Monday morning. Kisses.. *Wink*


                      What  Am i Wearing?               
Skirt- Zara
Denim Shirt-Cos
Orange heels -Feud
Leopard Sunglasses-Asos
Tula Leather Clutch bag-