Sunday, 31 March 2013


Yay! got my shoes delivered to me yesterday, they so cute :)

Original picture.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


My goodness it's freaking cold outside, haha :) thought it was gonna be spring soon. I have managed to take some pictures on my way back from church, it's sizzling cold!!! my hands are so hard feels like i have moisturized them with chilli hand cream that is if there is one lol, there is something so silly about me, i shouldn't have taken any pictures today but i insisted, even in that sort of crazy weather i took off my coat and took these photos, my hubby was so laughing like mad!!! i think he was beginning to see little ''Ms Silly'' i kept on posing for shots hehe.. there he was crying... please my hands are seriously hurting we need to leave..., but i kept on repeating ''sweetheart'' it wont be long ''So sorry'' silly me,  all i wanted was just a good picture period! Blogging is becoming one mad addiction for me, please i need a rehab or treatment if anyone have got one, once i am on the computer lol it's like moving into another world entirely i forget about every other thing, this is so-so bad, at the end of the day i end up with backaches and poor eye sight heaven help me :( . My outfit is just a simple one, of course i am rocking my Kenzo! i have had this in my wardrobe since last year i am not really a hat person but today i needed to rock it.

                                                        WHAT I ROCKED.                             
                                                         Old Skirt- Ted Baker
                                                        Old Peeptoe kitten heel- Office
                                                        Necklace- House of frazer
                                                        Wristwatch- Toy 
                                                        Clutch bag- Asos (still selling)
                                                        Sequin Bat winged Sweater top- Moda Moda Italy (Vintage shop)

Original picture
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hi sweets, Hope  you all are great? haha :) Today's outfit is hell NO! but i have decided to post it like that. You judge! lol... I felt terrible but hubby kept on saying  hummm...''not bad'' i felt he was teasing me lol, I know when he says not bad there is a kin of clause. He is very blunt, sometimes he says that make up ain't nice, looks too wild haha :) I def know this time it's the shoes, am not sure if he likes it or not but i do love it! maybe its the combo, because i was in a rush this morning. This what i rocked,Skirt from Sarah Pacini here,Jacket top from HM, shoes are  JEFFERY CAMPBELL CUFFED CUTOUT PLATFORM  on sales, Stella in Two necklace, Bag by Ted Baker, Tatty devine bracelet and watch from Oasis.       

                                                                              Bye sweets!!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013



                                                fantastic banner from kenzo on solesstruck


                                 KENZO RESORT 2013 ELECTRIC JUNGLE
                       Color  block suede pieces on patent leather very modern and chic, wow!!! what a 
                                                        great combo!!! from KENZO
                                                       seriously i want one of these :)
What a fabulous slip- on sandal from kenzo incredibly stylish, love it!!! cant wait for summer.
loving the leopard pattern oh my gosh....

Def a rocker chic, loving the mix print on this sneakers from kenzo, very cool lurv it!

Tell me you can't resist, love this so much, whao!!! very mouthwatering from KENZO!
I need this in my life haha :)

Omg!!! this is it... the gawjuss master piece, i am seriously craving this, who on earth wont want to have a pair of these lovelies? A signature piece from kenzo, very stylish and comfy
def on my wishlist :)

That is it, wow very stylish!!!
These trainers from Kenzo are so Hot! Hot!!! in trend right now
lurv it.

This is definitely a taste of jungle fever from kenzo!!!
Amazing design, it's leather upper ''fantastic'' lurv it

These are all from SOLESTRUCK , Enjoy!




Sunday, 10 March 2013




Friday, 8 March 2013

INSPIRATIONS!!! Backstage at Maison Martin Margiela's Autumn-Winter 2013

The details caught my eyes, had no choice than to share with you lot...
kisses <3 u="">


Just sharing as usual, i hope you love it.