Sunday, 12 May 2013


Last week i came across a lovely mini denim skirt by RAVELL  ARKADIUS honestly, i have never heard of that designer,what attracted me to this skirt was the bright pink bold face printed in front of it, i wanted to know more about this designer so i decided to hit the internet. I found out that Ravell Arkadius is a very popular polish designer whose collection is designed for creative individuals and lovers of pop art. Ravell Arkadius clothing collection are for people who want to stand out to get noticed. He loves to show pop arts,the concept of his collections were high contrast,vivid colors and graphics. He had loads of fans and supporters who loved his sense and sensitivity to arts, also learnt the famous designer couldn't look for his business in poland so he moved to london and left his jeans flag shop in the hands of his polish partners who choose hong kong to sew their clothing. unfortunately for him, the quality of the clothing were so bad that the prices went up twice,the press took it up and his fans were not happy, he found out his partners were cheating him, well i read he shut down his boutique. It's so sad because i think his works are amazing!!!


Shirt- Asos
Flat metallic shoe- Asos
Clutch bag-Asos
Long jacket-wrap&weft
Chunky necklace- Didi
Sunglasses-Roberto  Cavalli cat eye (still selling)
Skirt is Ravell Arkadius (Vintage)