Sunday, 24 February 2013

Old wardrobe, New lantern mesh skirt.

Hey! beautiful people, what's up? i hope you all had a blast this weekend. Today is bang cold! lol i almost didn't wanna go out. well, i dressed up this morning ready for church but ended up not going what a shame ;(  This is what i looked like wearing hubby's tee shirt and Aqua shade lantern&mesh skirt from Asos  bought on sales, wow fantastic bargain!!! of course you know my old print heels from fued, am rocking it here again and my wool oversize jacket from warehouse every other stuffs am wearing are freaking old :) i mix my old stuffs with new stuffs as you all know, it's hard to let go of old stuffs except huh? a friend says she must have it, then i let go hehe.... yeah i forgot to tell you guys, that velvet tassel sack is from Gatineau paris(very vintage) i lurv it...... Hope you all have a very sweet day, kisses!!
Guess what? haha :) i won a giveaway from Fashion Tales. that's my first, thanks sweets i lurv it!!!


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