Sunday, 17 February 2013


         How does the planet relates itself to my outfit? haha... normally i am not a science person :), i hate science but i love the mystery behind it, am sure you all heard  about the horrible rock that fell from space last week, omg!!! i was so terrified....  to the extent that everyday i watch for anything from the sky, hummm.... crazy world, its so funny we have to rotate 360  everyday  walking, watching up and down and side by side. Hey sweets, have you seen the latest picture of mecury? oh my wholly world it's so-so gorgeous, such a dazzling picture i so much love...... that i needed to share with you lovies i was so inspired by this picture so i decided  to wear something close i hope you love my pictures. Kisses!!!
                                Picture  of Mercury, picture source please link HERE
                                               Such a busy day whao!!! my hair is so rough :)  

                                                                     shirt  d.b.s  
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