Sunday, 18 November 2012


         Hello sweets, today's post is going to be different from my normal post, am going to be writing about my outfit, tetley and twining :) am sure many of you are gonna start thinking in your brain why tea? yeah tea!  i am a lady who is crazy about herbal tea especially when it comes to drinking and soaking my legs with tea when am so stressed up in heels :p, sounds funny yeah? this is what i think? anything that is def good for the inside is def good for the outside.
          Yeah, this is what i do with my tetley and  twining, i drink, i soak and  steam :), all three is Amazing!!! i do this twice in a week tuesday and saturday is the best days for me. yeah, lets get to biz this is how i do it.
 what you need is honey, tea tree oil, almond oil, warm water in a bowl, a little towel and your 2 majors TETLEY AND TWININGS TEA. I use the pure green tea from tetley, cleanse nettle and sweet fennel one bag from each box of tea. this is how you will use it,

     1) massage your face with honey for  5-10min
     2)get a bowl with warm water (please be very careful)
     3) soak the two tea bags in the (hot) or warm water, add  a drop of  tea tree oil and also a drop of almond oil.
     4)make sure you still got your face masked with honey (don't wash off)
     5) Then you steam your face
     6) wipe face with towel and use your face cream, that's it!

This works magic and its so natural, cheapest way so far to maintain your face, i have been using this and it works well for me you can also use it to relax your feet its so cool.
 My detail jacket is Vintage, clog heels from asos, sky blue jeans shirt from Cotton traders  skirt from  Future classic, bag from Modalu and large gem primark earrings but was purchased from a charity shop for £6, i saw it in primark for £3 omg!!! total rip off but worth it cause they dont look look primark they really look amazing!!!

My magic tea 
My  large vintage look gem earrings  still selling in store.(primark)

Kids Home work, part of what i got to do!!!
I hope you enjoy my post.