Monday, 3 November 2014


                                                  ROCKING THIS SEASON           

     So far so good this winter is looking modish and sexy,not missing summer at all... My dearest winter so far, would say. Pop on the high street and see what i am talking about, it's blazing hot out there.The streets are the major runaway this season, the ladies ain't taking it easy with the hot thigh high boots,ankle biker boots, stylish wool hat,maxi scarves and capes. Sexy wedge creepers, leather shorts, maxi boyfriend coats,crazy shaggy faux fur coats, fringe hair cut popularly rocked by Beyonce, double pearl earrings, double pearl rings,a matter of fact, I think every jewellery is going to be double pearled this season lol. Oh! Am loving the window pane check prints and butterfly prints. I see it's all about Naomi Campbell's past trendy looks this season.Trust me it's gonna be Massive this winter  with the lovely collaboration from HM and ALEXANDER WANG.

                                                            Thigh high boots
Naomi Campbell rocking those Biker boots,she's always a classy trendsetter.
Biker boots still rocks,they go with any outfit.
                                              Shaggy faux fur coats are here to stay.                                                                      
Leather shorts are also kickin..
Butterfly rocks both seasons. Summer X Winter.

Get ready to rock anything double pearled
Maxi Boyfriend coats
Maxi scarves and capes
Window pane check prints are my favourite this season.
Pointee creepers are versatile.
That cute fringe . Beyonce rocking it! It's here to stay
Alexander Wang X H and M
Stylish hats are ''major'' this season.
                                       Two stylish Gem Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss