Sunday, 1 December 2013


                                                           Jacket  And Cut-out boots Zara!               

   The principal thing for me during winter period is getting trendy jackets with great cuts. I have always been a rooter for jackets and coats but the witty thing is, i never had time to take pictures of them to show you guys, maybe it's because am always rushing or i wasn't born to be a blogger Lol.... Seriously, When it comes to shopping today and showing them off on my blog the next day, I am always behind,I think i seriously need to change. I still got that habit of saving for''keeps'' It just got done on me recently, that i still got loads of +H&M  tie in designers in my wardrobe that i hadn't rocked. So i have decided to take it slowly this time,although i tried getting Isabel Marant from H&M but they gone so quick, so no luck this time, I was thinking of getting the coat and sequin pants but for those who hatch on to this collections,count yourselves earnestly lucky but Man! The prices could actually pay a ''bride price'' lol. Well, I still got my LUSH  boyfriend jacket which i purchase from Nasty gal but must confess i paid through my nose!!! The custom charges were pretty high, i almost cried,No? I think i actually cried lmfao. I promised myself that was gonna be the end of my shopping at Nasty gal but i lied. Today i am rocking one of the items i bought from nasty gal, which is the lush boyfriend jacket,Oh boy! I love it. The scheme of this jacket is a winner for me and i have styled it with my fragile cut out leather boots from ZARA I must say these boots should be treated like babies, they are very cool and trendy, they not for the rough riders, not an everyday ''thingy'' I recently purchased a Dr Marten boot, which i would  be sharing with you guys maybe in my next post. Yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that this Zara boots are very true to size, i struggle with sizes when it comes to boots but this one is just perfect!!! Let me know if you do save for ''keeps'' like me. Oh yes! Recently, I discovered the new Google plus comment has been muting or should i say eating up comments,each time people make comments it disappears lol, I shouldn't have introduced it on my blog now it's too late. it's kin of driving me nutts, let me know your experience so far with the new Google plus comments. Do have a fabulous Sunday.

 Necklace/J Maskrey
Bracelets- Marni for h&m
Old Pants- F&F-Similar here
Coat- True Vintage