Wednesday, 6 November 2013


                                                      PINK FURRY BOMBER JACKET
                                                                          MY FIX
                                 AND A DAY TO SAY THANKS TO MY LOVELY READERS!

Last weekend for me was not cool at all, I had worries written all over my face, I guess i had too much to handle, Especially this silly blog. I noticed something terrible was going on with my blog, huh.. My blog feed was not working properly, looks like everything was shutting down right in front of me. I felt like, Is this how the blog journey was gonna end? I kept on trying so hard, typing on Google, researching so many stuffs on how to put this blog right, Let me tell you something you need to know, I started this blog as a novice, I didn't know ''jack'' It was just for fun at the beginning lol, Then it became a serious thing for me. Well, not really serious but a kin of hubby,when i am not really doing much. I was just doing my thingy, stuck in my own little world. I had no professional camera nor advice on how to run a blog, I never cared but i had my Blackberry phone haha... I would ask hubby to take  photos of me with my blackberry phone. Ahha.. I would sigh each time i view at these pictures,They were so terrible pictures, It's either they weren't clear or my pose was so-so odd (Even now i still do loads of odd poses so i am not perfect and am not a model either) I kept on struggling i just wanted to share something with my few readers. I use to see my blog as my own little corner or Album that makes me smile. I remember my readers would come visit my blog and say beautiful things about my photos, at least they said something about the shoes,bags or outfit i am wearing not minding the blurry images i had posted. Wow!!! Thanks to my lovely readers, I am proud to say i have got the most amazing readers in the world and i am just fine with that. I wanted to share bargain,sales and inspirations with my readers, this period i was blogging, there was so much credit crunch everywhere, Not gonna lie babes i felt the heat so bad. I would go on the internet looking for crazy bargains on both designer stuffs and high street brands. I stopped shopping in the shops because they made no sense to me lol. Looking at the price tags in the shops makes me shiver back then haha.. even now sometimes. I would look in my purse and smile, then take a step towards the accessories, at least i could  afford those ones? They were just few pounds. I learnt a lot shopping online, I tell you there are a ''hell'' of serious bargains going on online that you don't even know. Don't get stuck to one brand,that's my logo! While digging and scratching i found loads of bargain websites, like Secret sales, bargain crazy, Ebay outlets,Qvc, brandAlley and so on.. I also loved shopping at Asos so much when they on sales. Yeah, still talking about last weekend, anyways i bumped into this guy's blog see Here who wrote a post, giving instructions on how to get your proper feed running. I was so excited, right there i knew instantly this was my ''fix'' I did all i was instructed to do and everything started working fine again. That's what i call Magic! Visit his blog( The Real Bloggers Status) Seriously! This guy has got a magic wand and he cast his spell on my blog and it worked!!!  He did put a smile on my face, am so happy i got it fixed. My bloglovin also stopped retrieving posts from my blog, I contacted Bloglovin via email, gave them my feed and they got it fixed for me. So call be ''happy'' Just wanted you guys to know i still don't own a professional camera, I use my Samsung phone to take all these photos. Am hoping to get one cool camera soon.



                                                                  What am i Wearing?
                                                Old Pink  Heavy furry Bomber Jacket- Firetrap
                                                                 Grey pants-River Island
                                               Sunglasses-Boeing Carrera 5710/90 Shop it. Or Here.
                                                         Belt- Vintage Bergamot Brass Work
                                                         Frank Usher Handbag Old-TkMaxx
                                                                        Shoes- Feud
                                                          Necklace- Customized.(My idea)