Saturday, 24 August 2013



                                Relax, get a cup of hot coffee or tea bag. It's raining cat and dog here.                                                                                                 Dreammmm......                                                                                                                                            Enjoy!!!                                                                                    
 Nuno by Nendo for Viba
Fellow Lamp by yours
   Manhattan Micro Loft.
Zaha Hadid Designs Changsha
Zaha Hadid Designs

                                   Squishy Chairs- New Colony furniture

Mosaic Chair 02 by BRC

Shadow Chair Collections By Duffy London.

Amalia by Studio Eggicnic

                                                        Limbo by Indurflex                                                

Waffle Chair by Lydia Kolomijets

My favorite piece . The nest by Kirv

Chester by Kare Frandsen

Lego Lamp by Sean Kenny and Jung AH Kim

GiBooth Chair by Jakob Gomez
with Karla Aurora Gonzalez Villarreal.

Inspiration Chair by Lapo Germasi (What a great way to DIY, am giving this a try)

Mickey Egg Chair by Milos 'Mickey'Vujicic

                                          Wool Chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop.

            Black Knot Jewelry by Yuni Kim Lang. This is very creative, would love to rock one of                                                                  these but not the last picture :)

      OMG!!! I fell from my silly square sofa when i saw this sofa design. Oh my Oh!!! I want, I                  want, when i become rich. huh!? Well, till then. Lolssss... Must say, very interesting Chair.
                                Quartz Armchair by Ctrlzak and Davide Barzaghi.

                                        Coast Range Cabinet by Peter Pierobon

                                                Rami Stool and Side Table By IL Hoon Roh.

   Wow,Wow!!! This is specially designed for addictive readers, you have all the books at your beck    and call, so much lurv this but will be stuffing mine with  loads of fashion and gossip magazine if i get one in future. :)
Heavy Rabbit by Bongo Design.