Sunday, 28 July 2013


Guess what?I am young again, went partying on Saturday with hubby and friends  i really enjoyed myself. Well, this is no news, but to me it's a big deal because i only do this once in a while, am sure all the yummy mums do understand what i am talking about. Being a mum for eight years to my lovely kids is the best feeling in the world. I cherish and adore my kids, i can die for them yes! Sometimes i find it very difficult to leave my kids for someone to watch over them, more of the reason i don't really go out late, i love my day(work) outing,makes me think positive Haha ;) max i could do is 10pm. After having kids my life changed, my focus was on my kids and home, i left the past and embraced my new lifestyle, at first it was a little tough but i survived, huh! So this Saturday hubby forced me out late, he had always loved us to go out but usually i say NO! I asked him who are the kids going to stay with? but this Saturday a very lovely friend offered to stay with my kids because she was on holiday, i was so happy!!! Maybe my next night outing is going to be in six months or one year who knows.

Looking so tired here.
Shoes- Topshop
Book clutch bag-Asos
Shirt- Vintage
Shoes- Lk bennett
Studded clutch- Suzy smith
Necklace-Betty Jackson