Sunday, 9 June 2013


My look is simply stylish and fun, i didn't want to look too serious so i am wearing a bomber jacket  from river island see Here to make my look a bit casual. My lace oversize top is vintage and pants is old from karen millen and brogue heels (Old) from nine west. We had a sunday event so this is what i wore to the event, so sorry i don't have pictures from the event on my blog, the reason is, it wasn't my event so i am not allowed to post it here, it was two wonderful babies christening, it was a wonderful event.The  people in my place of worship are so elderly so we don't get to do this very often :) Well, i love them so much because they lift my spirit and encourage me so much about life, most of them are over 80 and it amazes me, they look so young and happy, this makes me believe there is more to life. Sometimes, i ask them loads of questions about how to live healthy, one of them is a vegetarian and she is almost 87 i think? she told me she cooks fresh and doesn't eat out, she said she had switched cow milk for soya milk which i have also taken to her advise i don't drink cow milk no more.It's very sad we lost one of our elderly sweet lady to cancer last week, OMG!!! That was just too fast, she was so strong fun, friendly and loving. She would smile every sunday, her smile was so catchy and walked gracefully after worship to say hello to everyone. I missed her so much, i miss seeing her playing the piano gracefully.She would play the piano and we would sink into the hymns. Oh my... throughout today i was just starring at the piano with nobody playing it. Oh my.. oh.. i missed her so much. I am sure she is in a good place smiling. She was over 80 and still driving ''eyes popping''all of a sudden she had cancer and that was it, hers was so aggressive it took her life so fast,in a matter of days she was gone. I was so shocked. Oh.... death is a cheat. I miss Mrs J.

Clutch bag-Asos white
Bomber jacket River island (still selling)
Oversize lace top- Vintage
Black brogue pointy heels(Old) Nine-West
Old loose fit pants from Karen millen
bracelets-MMM for HM
Earrings very old from selfridges
Hat- Vintage.

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