Sunday, 24 March 2013


My goodness it's freaking cold outside, haha :) thought it was gonna be spring soon. I have managed to take some pictures on my way back from church, it's sizzling cold!!! my hands are so hard feels like i have moisturized them with chilli hand cream that is if there is one lol, there is something so silly about me, i shouldn't have taken any pictures today but i insisted, even in that sort of crazy weather i took off my coat and took these photos, my hubby was so laughing like mad!!! i think he was beginning to see little ''Ms Silly'' i kept on posing for shots hehe.. there he was crying... please my hands are seriously hurting we need to leave..., but i kept on repeating ''sweetheart'' it wont be long ''So sorry'' silly me,  all i wanted was just a good picture period! Blogging is becoming one mad addiction for me, please i need a rehab or treatment if anyone have got one, once i am on the computer lol it's like moving into another world entirely i forget about every other thing, this is so-so bad, at the end of the day i end up with backaches and poor eye sight heaven help me :( . My outfit is just a simple one, of course i am rocking my Kenzo! i have had this in my wardrobe since last year i am not really a hat person but today i needed to rock it.

                                                        WHAT I ROCKED.                             
                                                         Old Skirt- Ted Baker
                                                        Old Peeptoe kitten heel- Office
                                                        Necklace- House of frazer
                                                        Wristwatch- Toy 
                                                        Clutch bag- Asos (still selling)
                                                        Sequin Bat winged Sweater top- Moda Moda Italy (Vintage shop)

Original picture
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