Sunday, 3 February 2013


           The people around you makes your world, yes! we all complain and blame the world, we say why and ask why is this happening? we say life is unfair, we see things and say oh! shouldn't have happened to these ones they so innocent hummmm.... i keep on asking the same questions but life does not give you a clue. Last week i thought deeply about life hummm.... that sound really unhealthy, i thought about life and what really surrounds it, sounds funny yeah, i was in my kitchen alone washing the dishes thinking about mad  funny stuffs lol, i thought about the silly little mistakes i have made, if there was enough time to correct them all, mind you we all have made silly mistakes in life and we wish we could bring back the hands of the clock haha:) and correct them all and now am thinking mehnn... life goes onnnnn,life waits for nobody life is a race and we all are in this race together either we accept or not,people that surrounds you makes a huge difference in your world they either encourage or discourage you, when we get discouraged by people around us our next move is to make an exit or say bye but sometimes is not that easy to say bye then you are trapped, it's very important to study the people around you and make a choice, it's better to play along with people who share the kind of interest you believe in, not all of your interest but a bit cause if they don't they are definitely going to discourage you and you might loose your track, it's better we follow our brains i would say :) not our hearts, i have learnt to be more relaxed about life and follow my brain, i hope you love my look, kisses....
                                                     Do have a lovely weekend, bless!!!
                                      CHECK AWWT  THE TOM BOI  IN ME LOL.
Stripy pants are vintage st micheal
Jeans oversize top from Cos
Bag is  from luluguinness
Bracelet from  h&m
heels from nine west(summer collection)
Hairdo by kenpaves