Friday, 25 January 2013


Hi sweets i bring you val ideas, it's a pity i lost touch with vals 7yrs ago lol, why? due to having two kids with little age difference :p all i think now is both of them and how to survive, well... val never ends it's everyday here, showing ones family love everyday is a very big valentine. Val is a big thing when you are single or dating it means alot!!! i remembered while i was dating it was a huge thing to me i always make sure i save for vals, always looking for the best gift my pocket could afford,hummm... now i don't do that anymore i celebrate val whenever i feel like. This valentine am planning to lite just candles  with new electric air fresheners and maybe a bottle of red wine sounds funny yeah!!! need a new smell lol, already told my partner ''NO wasting MONEY'' i told him i love him with all i got and he knows that already, but to those of you who are still dating, courting or newly married or you just wanna celebrate love, here are some ideas below. Enjoy!!!



It's winter might wanna get this look.

thinking of these candles.

lol!!! (laugh it away)

heart beat for lurv.
get this from

you might wanna go for a diy, this is beautiful!!!

Am def getting this lurv it!!! hope hubby is not gonna see this lol

very pretty :)
now on sales @prezzy lurv it!!!

you might wanna print this out and frame it in your living room.
bracelet from prezzy

Ann Summers