Sunday, 20 January 2013


Oh my Oh my lol, yesterday it finally snowed lol, looks like we had a party here , just thought i needed something special here on my blog, outside looks grey, white and beautiful, we have been waiting for this :P thought it was gonna come xmas/new year but yay! it finally came yesterday, hummm... am loving it looks special to me waiting for more lmfao.... like i wanted more to come, went out yesterday stuffed up with 3 clothing looking like a ball (don't laugh) i was freezing hell oh i hate when it's very cold and snowing i wrap myself up like burgers, yeah sweets lets go straight to bizz.. today am wearing a vintage coat from chelsea girl, omg!!! this coat is absolutely stunning, my boats are from MBT which i bought last year it's now on sales it's very comfy and makes me stand tall at the same time exercising my legs, my top is  kim parrish collections from QVC i adore qvc my friends calls me an old woman because of this lol , wool skirt from SNOB ,my clutch is custom made leather which i have owned for 8years lol funny they in style now, my rings are from asos bought on sales absolutely lurvn it too, silver bangle is from OSMANLI TAKI and my watch is river island,i hope you love my pictures happy weekend sweets!!! kisses......


                                                                     MBT SALES HERE :)
                                             Always remember to rock4less loads of bargain out there.